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Riding Tips for Beginners taking motorcycle lesson motorcycle training motorbike lesson motorbike training

Where does one start? When doing motorcycle lessons and trying to advise beginners how to ride a motorbike or giving them tips on how to ride a motorcycle is a veritable minefield. What I am going to attempt is to maybe provide beginner riders who commence motorcycle lessons with some form of survival guide so that...
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Motocross Gear and Accessories

I recently had the need to purchase a T-Handle with a 1/4" socket drive. It's often handy when undoing smaller bolt like engine cover bolts, oil filter cover bolts etc. I usually make a point of supporting local stores, so mounted my trusty steed and did the rounds. After looking around at the local hardware and...
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What Brake to Use When and How

So, you're riding along and need to apply your brakes for whatever reason. Which brake is the most appropriate brake to use? Following on my previous article regarding the rear brake, I have had some comments about the use of brakes. As stated, most motorcycle "racers"...
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I often get asked by learners about the legalities of "Lane Splitting". When asked to elaborate, they ask whether it is OK to travel down the center of the lane, between two lanes of cars. My follow-up question is: "Is the traffic stationery or are both lanes moving?" Whats the difference? When both the lanes are stationery and...
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Four days to ship from United Kingdom

OK, so this is another gripe, but, Im putting you in touch with yet another fantastic supplier. About eight months ago, I bought a Honda CB600F Hornet. GREAT BIKE!!! I also decided that I would purchase a Givi top box for it, so where else but eBay to locate said item. I managed to get one...
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