Learner Riders – On the road

Q: Is a learner rider permitted to ride unaccompanied?
A: No, in Western Australia, regulation has it that a learner rider must be supervised by a qualified supervisor

Q: Who is a qualified supervisor?
A: In, Western Australia, a qualified supervisor is a person who has held the class of license that is being supervised for a minimum period of 4 years.

For a motorcycle, this is as follows:

Moped – the supervisor must hold a minimum of C class license for a minimum period of 2 (two years)
RE Class – the supervisor must hold a RE class license for a period no less than 4 years OR hold an R class license for a period of no less than 2 years.

Q: How many learners can a supervisor supervise?
A: A supervisor can supervise any number of learners. It must be noted that the supervisor must at all times be in visual contact with the learner/s. It is therefore my personal recommendation that no more than 2 (two) learners are supervised at any one time and that the supervisor ride ahead of the learners in order to set the pace, and maintain visual contact with the learners behind. This will allow the supervisor to pull over in the event of losing contact with the learner behind. If the supervisor and learners have intercom communication then more learners may be supervised with the supervisor trailing behind and advising learners ahead.

Q: Do I need to display L plates?
A: Yes. A learner must always display L plates when riding a motorcycle. L plates must meet the requirements, which is as follows:

A square yellow background measuring 145mm wide and 145mm high
A black capital letter L 105mm high and 145mm wide with the black letter measuring 20mm in thickness.

L Plates Specs

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