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Back Brakes Are There For A Reason, Use Them

The motorcycle rear brake is probably one of the most misused controls on a motorcycle, but, when used correctly offers multiple advantages, such as stability at low speed, slowing down and adjusting speed in mid corner. Every rider applies and uses the rear brake differently. Some find it easy to control the brake pedal, whereas others...
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Motorbike Driving Lessons – Road Position

What Is The Best Road Position To Be In

The question is often asked; “What is the best road position to be in?” The simple answer to this question is: The safest. What is meant by this? Briefly, it means that if you are safe from oncoming hazards or hazards around you, then you are in the...
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Getting a motorcycle licence in Perth

What You Need To Know About Motorcycle Driving Lessons in Perth

Live in Perth and you have been contemplating enrolling for Motorbike riding lessons? If yes, then you have a good reason to read this post. Firstly, you need to ensure that you have a Western Australian Motorcycle Learners Permit. Once you have this, it is important that you enrol at a Read more

Motorcycle riding training lessons in Perth

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Motorcycle riding lessons school in PerthMotorcycle riding training lessons in Perth

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When choosing a professional driving instructor...
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