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What You Need To Know When Getting Your Motorcycle License In Perth

Getting Your Motorcycle License – Starting Out

So, you have made a decision to learn to ride a motorcycle, so where to now? Most of you would be thinking that it can’t possibly be so hard to do, right? You figure that you have been riding a bicycle since you were...
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Getting a motorcycle licence in Perth

What You Need To Know About Motorcycle Driving Lessons in Perth

Live in Perth and you have been contemplating enrolling for Motorbike riding lessons? If yes, then you have a good reason to read this post. Firstly, you need to ensure that you have a Western Australian Motorcycle Learners Permit. Once you have this, it is important that you enrol at a Read more


I often get asked by learners about the legalities of "Lane Splitting". When asked to elaborate, they ask whether it is OK to travel down the center of the lane, between two lanes of cars. My follow-up question is: "Is the traffic stationery or are both lanes moving?" Whats the difference? When both the lanes are stationery and...
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